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pett tennis club


Thank you for becoming a member of Pett Tennis Club. If you are not yet a member but wish to join simply email the address at the head of this page.

This site, launched in July 2020, is for members of Pett Tennis Club only and is intended as a simple one-stop service to provide updates on matters relating to the club and the wider community as well as allow access to our new booking system.

It is hoped that this new site will enable you to enjoy your membership even more than at present and encourage even more use of the court.

The site has been limited to 3 main setions. Firstly, the booking page as mentioned below. Secondly, an update section where any specific news will be published about the club or wider events or societies associated with the Recreation Ground. Finally, a useful links section - which is hopefully self-explanatory. In time this may grow but for the time being we will see how these first few steps are received and look to build following feedback received if required.

The new booking system has been provided after feedback received from members and it is hoped it will be a useful and beneficial new service to the membership. Court use is still available on a 'turn up and play' option but please note that bookings will take priority. In order to hopefully mitigate such conflicts you may only book up to 1hr prior to arrival, although it is appreciated this may still lead to some instances of overlapping - so please do check the booking form beforehand to see if the court is indeed available or has already been booked by another member.